Why People Watch The Office

Two oddball comedies are back on TV after a long hiatus. Do they still work? Maybe even more than when they were on. The following was written by Michael Bresciani, who has been watching TV since he was just as old as he was. He hopes he doesn’t outgrow television and tries not to let his kids watch too much TV.

When The Office debuted on NBC in 2004, NBC said the show would air once a week, and then every week after that. It began airing every week on January 15, 2005, and it has yet to be renewed for a third season. There doesn’t appear to be any reason for the cancellation beyond the fact that it’s been on long enough to begin doing its job, but apparently, many people have been saying it isn’t just the writers or the characters that are the problem, that they’re also the target audience and the network is trying to squeeze ratings out of the show that nobody wants.

That’s right, it’s not only the show’s writing and characters that people hate, it’s also the audience that gets angry. I remember a friend said, “Why do you watch the show? It’s not the show that’s killing The Simpsons” or anything along those lines. It’s that people want to watch what they want to watch, not what they are told to watch, which is fine by me. Sure, I could complain and get on the Internet and throw insults at The Office and every other show that has been on TV for a while and I can probably keep people from watching something that I enjoy, but I don’t understand why people would want to watch something they don’t like. It doesn’t seem like a real problem to me.

With The Office, NBC decided they had to prove to themselves and everyone else that they could do a work environment and the writing process that would be worthy of running in primetime. It turned out that for all that they did to improve the writing and the way that the production company treated the actors, they still found time to kill off the characters that had been written with the least amount of sensitivity and care. In other words, they killed anyone they didn’t like.

And as far as I know, it wasn’t a big blow to NBC,

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