James Corden Banned from James Corden Roast

This New York restaurant just banned James Corden for being ‘a tiny cretin of a man’ and ‘his jokes about Brexit and Donald Trump are just too offensive to tolerate’

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James Corden was told he’d be banned from a New York place for his ‘offensive’ jokes about Brexit and Donald Trump.

The James Corden Roast is a popular New York restaurant that’s part of the Michelin-starred French Laundry chain, and at one point, the comedian was scheduled to appear as headliner for the opening of the restaurant on Thursday.

But on Wednesday night, instead of performing a show or an interview, James was told he had been banished from the restaurant for his remarks on the issues of the day, according to reports.

“For your offense, @JamesCorden has been barred from the James Corden Roast,” tweeted chef and James Corden’s long-time friend, Joe Bastianich.

“We don’t invite James’s kind here. Not even on my own show. I know you’ll have a good time at your own show this week,” tweeted Chef Bastianich, adding of the comedian: “You are an intolerant bully.”

It was not a moment too soon for James, whose comedy is often about the foibles of America’s most prominent politicians, such as former President Barack Obama, who has been featured on several of his shows.

“The idea that James Corden has been barred from the James Corden Roast is really, really upsetting, and not just for me and this country,” James’ Twitter feed said at the time of the announcement. “He should be allowed to make his point, and to have a good time, and to be a human being in every way, shape, and form.”

The Daily News confirmed with a spokesman for the restaurant that they did, in fact, ban James due to his “unaccept

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