Daniel Lee Moseley, 26, escaped from jail six weeks ago and is being held on $10,000 bond

Prison escapee accused of sending death threat, white powder to Jan. 6 committee chairman

Raleigh, N.C. • A man who escaped from the Raleigh jail six weeks ago is accused of sending a death threat to a committee chairman who threatened to reveal what he calls the state’s racial problems.

“I hope to put this on the front page of the (Raleigh) News and Observer (Sunday),” Daniel Lee Moseley told the paper.

On May 5, Moseley, 26, allegedly told a newspaper reporter that he planned to kill state Rep. Wayne Goodwin because he and Goodwin have criticized racial problems in the state. Moseley also sent a racist email to the editor and a police officer.

Goodwin later said that he has faced some racial issues since moving to Raleigh. Earlier this year, the former state House Speaker, a Democrat, introduced a bill to allow cities to ban racial discrimination on their police forces. Several Republicans objected to the measure, which passed the House, but the bill was vetoed by Gov. Pat McCrory.

Moseley told the Raleigh News and Observer that he planned to kill Goodwin after Goodwin told him that he will report several racial problems in the state to the FBI. In an interview with the News and Observer, Goodwin said he would not reveal any of the information. In an email to the paper, Goodwin said, “I have no intention of going public with details of my conversations with Mr. Moseley.”

On May 10, Moseley emailed a newspaper reporter about a meeting Goodwin arranged with him at his house.

“How is it I have been trying to bring up your racially charged past but now you’re trying to bring up my racially charged past?” Moseley wrote. He also threatened the state House speaker, whom the News and Observer did not name. Moseley said he would “put a bullet in (Goodwin’s) head.”

Goodwin was scheduled to discuss the racial problems in the state June 10. In the meantime, Moseley has been living in a county detention center.

Moseley was charged with three felony counts of communicating threats to public officials and two misdemeanor counts of making a threat to kill with the intent to terrorize. He was released from jail Thursday on $10,000 bond. He is scheduled to

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