Kenneth Mejia, City Controller of Sacramento

Endorsement: Kenneth Mejia for city controller

Kenneth Mejia – A self-proclaimed political outsider, Mejia is the first Latino and the first Asian-American to serve as a public official in Sacramento. He came from a small town outside of Texas and has served as county supervisor, mayor, city controller and state representative. Mejia’s past experience helped to propel him through the ranks when he won his mayoral election in 2007, according to Sacramento Bee reports. In his first day of work as the city controller, Mejia will help determine public spending and oversee Sacramento’s day-to-day operations. “I want to make sure this city is running properly and efficiently and transparently, and will also focus on being fiscally responsible,” Mejia said. “I also want to ensure that we are running a city that reflects the diverse population we have here.” The 47-year-old came to Sacramento from the Texas city of McKinney six years ago and has served as mayor, city controller and state representative. Mejia has been a strong proponent of creating a more equitable tax system by implementing a property tax reduction district. “For years, we have struggled with the lack of growth and development in the city, and we have been unable to bring new businesses to our city,” Mejia said. “I want to ensure that we have the infrastructure we need to be in a position to provide the economic development we need to our city.” One of the most significant initiatives of Mejia’s time in office as the city controller has been eliminating the use of debt capital in Sacramento, which he believes has contributed to growing costs and lack of financial management. Additionally, Mejia will establish a city charter to codify city leadership policies and procedures. “I want to make sure we are all in agreement on what our roles and responsibilities are,” Mejia said. “I also want to make sure we create a structure that promotes accountability and transparency”



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