The Bass Children Are a Crime, Not a Crime

Letters to the Editor: Karen Bass’ scholarship problem looks bad. Don’t ignore it.

Karen Bass

We haven’t heard all that much about the Bass children over the past year. When they were arrested in July, I was shocked, but not surprised. It isn’t the way a child should be treated. As we saw in Charlotte last November, you can never be sure what goes into the state’s evidence file.

The Bass children were arrested for the misdemeanor trespassing charge, which means they did nothing wrong, but the police have to go to great lengths to get the evidence that is in their file. There is a good reason that their attorneys took this case to trial, because even prosecutors have to submit all of their evidence to the judge who will read it and make the decision on whether the people charged were the true culprits.

This is a case that’s been in the news for a while. Why didn’t parents alert their children to the trip to Charlotte? The Bass children had been going to school in this neighborhood their entire lives. They had parents and grandparents who trusted them and who helped them in any way they could. They knew what they were doing was wrong, but they did what any normal 9-year-old would in this circumstance.

What’s sad is that someone else probably will see this case and try to make it about their personal feelings instead of about the children’s actions. It’s also sad to think that someone will make a big deal about this case on social media. Hopefully people will be careful about what they post, but I have trouble believing that there are enough people out there who care enough to make the effort to do so.

I am deeply saddened by the case, but I don’t think it is the end of anything. It is the beginning of an even bigger fight.

Sandra Miller


This isn’t the first case to come to my attention where a child is accused of committing a crime and it wasn’t the case of a stranger.

In February, I learned that my own granddaughter was in the wrong for

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