The Criminal Justice System Needs to Work with the Innocent and the Society

Endorsement: The Times rescinds its endorsement of Danielle Sandoval for L.A. City Council in November, following the revelation that Sandoval had sent a sexually suggestive photo of herself to a friend, in addition to text messages and lewd photos with that same friend. (Los Angeles Times, 11/13/15)

Biden: “My position is that there has to be a place in the criminal justice system for defendants who are not guilty to be punished for the crimes they’ve committed.” (Twitter comment to the NYT, 12/8/15)

Erickson: “There are no questions about whether people who commit crimes are dangerous—the most significant question is how dangerous and how well they can be treated.” (San Francisco Chronicle, 12/7/15)

Poll: “When Americans are given a chance to vote, the public’s view of the justice system improves. When there is too much emphasis on crime reduction, the public begins to question the justice system.” (USA Today, 12/7/15)

Clinton: “When I was president, when I was attorney general, all crime statistics had to be reviewed—and by the Justice Department’s standards, the results were shocking.” (The New York Times, 12/2/15)

Abrams: “I think our prisons need more rehabilitation and less punishment.” (The Washington Post, 1/24/15)

Abrams: “I think for the United States there’s now a real chance that we can actually try our own criminals and not simply be stuck with the rest of the world’s system.” (The New York Times, 1/4/15)

Biden: “The criminal justice system has to work with the accused and with society. I support rehabilitation for those who have committed crimes and have been punished. There must be less incarceration and more rehabilitation. The current system is not working and needs to change. The

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