The Dog That Got Rescued From a Garbage Truck

Brazil police rescue dog becomes internet sensation Published duration 15 March 2016

image copyright Reuters image caption Dogs are often featured in police videos for their ability to sniff out bombs or drugs

Hundreds of people have watched the dramatic rescue from a garbage truck of a dog so emaciated it is barely able to lift its limbs. In fact, it looks like a limp sausage.

And yet it got on the bus headed for the shelter.

“He’s as good as new now,” says the dog’s owner.

He’s referring to a four-year-old beagle dog that has become an internet sensation after he was pulled from a garbage truck in Brazil by two police officers. The dog, who has no teeth, is just about the size of a hamster. He weighs just over 13lbs (six stone) which is about the same as the average Brazilian man.

“He’s got a face like a zombie,” a photographer said. “Just like my dog.”

He also has a strange expression as he lies in his bed at the shelter in Curitiba.

image copyright Reuters image caption The dog, who cannot walk on his own, arrived at the shelter in four pieces

image copyright Reuters image caption The beagle appeared to be blind after his eyes were sewn back on

“I can’t believe this has become an issue,” says the dog’s owner, who asked to be called only as Manier.

“It’s a bit unfair. My dog isn’t a famous actor or a famous singer. He looks like a normal dog.”

But the beagle’s fame has spread quickly and is now being referenced in a number of posts on social media.

Some have called the dog a “Zombie Dog” while others have dubbed him a “Cute, Lovable Dog”.

image copyright Reuters image caption People have been posting the dog’s plight on Facebook

Now it seems to have touched a nerve. Brazilians have been calling their local media and public service telephone operators asking them to tell the dog’s owner to come and meet them so he can explain the story.

“What can you do?” asks one man. “You can either come and meet our man – or just stay away for good. Because I don’t want you to see this.”

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