The Health of the Environment

Bringing Health Food to the Masses, One Delivery at a Time

Wednesday, July 26, 2019

By Melissa L. Smith

This summer has been one filled with so many special events happening, it couldn’t be possible for me to have attended and documented every one of them! The theme for the events was “Health” and so, because of an overwhelming lack of time to make everything happen, I have decided to share several of my “health” events that I attended this year and how each of them fit into my overall goal of promoting greater awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the relationship between the environment and our health. The first event that caught my eye was the one held the day I had my first child – my son Isaac was born May 31, 2019. There were other babies, toddlers, and young kids and everyone had a lot to say to one another. For a few hours I listened to babies learning new words and then saying them. I watched children have their first baby belly rubs and then shared in the giggles of those watching them. In the midst of all this I heard a little girl say, “Papa, I have to pee!” As I asked what she was talking about, she replied to me, “I have to pee!” While I laughed and answered her, she continued repeating, “I have to pee!” I decided to try to get to the bathroom because I had to know why! I was shocked and then relieved to realize that she needed to pee so she could poop, as her mamas and papa weren’t happy with her being able to pee. She was having to do it in her diaper, which I didn’t know at the time, but later that day, I learned how to use the pee funnel to ensure that all of her waste goes into the toilet and not into the tub of urine.

The next day was the first day of July 4th. To honor the first day of July, there was a ceremony held in the city where all were invited to come into the main

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