Biden’s plan to combat “toxic culture” in the U.S.

With Midterms Looming, Biden Isn’t Attending Big Campaign Rallies

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President Obama made an uncharacteristically big push for Joe Biden at a campaign event in New Hampshire, but the candidate was notably absent when an audience gathered in Nevada for a fundraising stop.

“The president had said he supports Joe Biden to be the nominee,” said Jon Ralston, Biden’s campaign chairman.

Now, Biden is on the trail. But in recent years, Obama supporters have made a habit of not attending the candidate’s event and instead bringing their children and other supporters along.

On Wednesday, Biden headlined a town hall in Elko, Nev. — not much more than a half mile from the state’s capitol. Organizers were unable to get Biden to attend, so an all-adult audience filled the gym to listen to questions from a panel of local political commentators.

As the town hall wrapped up at the gym, a woman approached Biden with a question: What is Biden’s plan to combat “toxic culture” in the U.S.?

The audience cheered — and Biden left the stage.

“That’s the problem with being so far away,” she said. “(There should be a) public conversation on this. It’s not like the president’s plan is anything new. It’s very old school. The president’s plan is what you and I have been hearing since he got into office.”

Biden is still on the West Coast as part of a busy presidential schedule, but he’s not holding any big fundraisers in the days ahead.

Biden has no plans to attend the big Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee conferences in Las Vegas and Cleveland over the next few weeks.

His campaign told the Washington Post he’s planning to travel for about eight days after the holidays and before the South Carolina primary on Feb. 29 and the Nevada caucuses on the 27th.

He’s spending most of his time in the early states because he’s working the ground game at the door.

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