Firefighters try to extinguish a small fire in Athens

‘Starting to look a lot better’: Rain aids Mosquito fire battle, but brings flood, mudflow risk

AUGURTUS, Greece – A heavy downpour on Friday slowed the water flow on the river Kamei, which feeds the river Strymon, which runs through central Athens. The downpours meant the water in the Kamei was at its highest level on Friday, with parts of the swollen river overflowing into the surrounding area.

But this did not stop locals from trying to extinguish the blaze. Water cannons were used to douse the flames along with ladders, which the soldiers called “firebrick ladders” for their thick and tall bricks. But not before firefighters and soldiers sprayed water over the flames more than 100 times, a local fire official told the New York Times.

Firefighters were also trying to extinguish a small blaze near the Kamei’s mouth in a nearby neighbourhood, but there was only so much water which can be used on a small area.

In a video posted on YouTube, two fire fighters work to put out a blaze that had broken out near the water treatment plant in the northern suburbs of Athens. Footage showed the water cannons at first had little effect but the firefighters used more as the flames intensified.

In his video, one fire fighter can be seen spraying water from a hose and yelling: “There’s so, so much water in the Kamei, let’s put on the brakes!”, but it didn’t rain for the rest of the night.

The fire which started on Tuesday was quickly put out and no one was injured.

The flooding and downpour came as rain fell over several other Greek cities, including Thessaloniki.

In Athens, which saw its worst flooding on record during the week, the number of people forced from their homes in the capital had fallen to 1,500. At least 40 people are in

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