Singapore Airlines confirms second carrier employee infected with Covid-19

Singapore Airlines plans for a fully vaccinated crew and passenger in the ‘near future’

The Singapore Airlines crew has been ordered to fully vaccinate themselves and their passengers against Covid-19, with the airline saying that the move comes “within the health guidelines”.

In a press conference on Tuesday, a spokesman from Singapore Airlines told The Straits Times that they’d vaccinated their crew and were taking measures within the health guidelines. He added: “The situation is very delicate, and we’re working with authorities here in Singapore to ensure that the health, that the rights are maintained for the crew and passengers.

“They know exactly what they’re doing,” he said, adding “we’ll be implementing measures that are within the health guidelines.”

To date, only the four pilots who have been placed on leave have been tested. Three of the four captains who have been placed on leave have been tested.

It seems like an irrational request because, if you look at the timeline, you see that there’s the Singapore Airlines crew that flew to France and had the exposure risk, then they flew to the US and had an exposure risk and then flew to Asia and now they’re getting the Covid-19 vaccine, so they’ve had exposure risk on three trips and not had the vaccine on any trip.

But I guess they need to be vaccinated to be sure that they will keep flying with Singapore Airlines. Otherwise, at the first sign of symptoms, they’ll just say, “Oh, I’m fine.”

Singapore Airlines has already confirmed a second carrier employee infected with coronavirus.

The carrier confirmed on Tuesday that an air traffic controller had recently developed symptoms of the illness which causes acute respiratory infection and is being treated in hospital.

The carrier confirmed a second carrier employee infected with coronavirus and said it is “fully cooperating with authorities”.

The confirmed case was a Singapore Airlines employee who was in contact with a colleague who developed symptoms during a flight on Sunday.

A passenger caught the virus. Singapore Airlines

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