The Fall 2015 Collection

Can Balenciaga Break With Kanye?

This week (and last) at Chanel, Balenciaga showed off the new spring 2015 collection. Their most recent fall shows seemed to have been more focused on the men’s fashion. While the fall looks were more playful, this fall’s Balenciaga looked a lot more sophisticated with a slight vintage feel. They also kept the show more on par with their previous autumn shows (which are always great). The show was well choreographed with a lot of interesting pieces, but I think they could have done more with the men’s runway.


The show itself wasn’t that memorable. It was just okay. There wasn’t really anything to be really excited about. The clothes seemed more playful and less formal than last fall. The only thing I would say that made me like the collection was the lack of fur. The collection had just a few fur pieces which was great, but at the price point of the fall collection, it was a huge let down. Also, I think the shoes were too small for all the models. While small, they were pretty to look at.

Still, I’m really hoping they bring back the fur in their fall 2015 runway.

What do you think about Balenciaga’s collection this season? What’s your favorite fall look from them?

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