The family of Jorge Hidalgo wants answers

A violent arrest by L.A. County deputies was caught on video. Now the man is seeking justice, and his family is demanding to hear from the officers.

Jorge “Robby” Hidalgo was arrested inside his apartment on July 9 over the weekend. He was booked into jail for suspicion of child abuse. Authorities say he punched his 5-year-old nephew in the face and had the boy taken to the hospital. Officials are investigating, saying it could have been a very serious case of abuse.

The family wants answers. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office says it is looking into the case.

We’ve gotten multiple calls from the family. We want them to get the full story.

The day after his release, the family says they want to hear from the officers involved in their son’s arrest.

The call we have received is from the family.

Hidalgo’s attorney, Daniel Sanchez, says a video of the arrest will be released to the public as soon as the DA has it in hand.

We contacted the LA County Sheriff’s Department. We will get back to you.


UNIDENTIFIED OFFICER: Hello, you’ve reached the 911 center. How can we help you?


Now we want to hear from the person who was there that night. We got a call this morning from a man who says he is the uncle of former L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Ricardo Munoz.

JORGE HIDALGO: You know we got videos of these people that did this. We know that they’re up here. Now they want to take my life and my family’s life. We don’t want to live anymore.

KEITH: That’s the call we received this morning. We’re going to go right to Ricardo Munoz.

RICARDO MUNOZ: I think that was from a family member’s computer

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