The Pandemic Is Only an Inconvenient

Did the Pandemic Change Your Personality? Possibly.

It is so easy to go on the internet and watch what people are saying about the virus, its effects and the things they are trying to do to help. But what if it’s not that easy? What if there are just as many opinions on the subject as there are opinions on the weather? We have come to the age of information, and we are free to listen to all opinions about things, even the most bizarre. What will happen if this is the year that the whole country turns into a giant virus factory that makes everything from medicine to weapons? What will happen if the government shuts down? What if the entire human race becomes a giant, infected army that will fight and die for the entire world? Can we expect a change in the way humans think about themselves or do we just become even lazier?

Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Well, I think that this whole war of opinions about the virus is somewhat useless (or at least that’s what I’ll end up saying). There are some interesting opinions, and some controversial ideas, but the vast majority of the information we hear is wrong.

In the face of the pandemic, the media makes some interesting points. The idea that the pandemic is ‘only’ an inconvenience, that the best way to make people feel better about it is to just ignore it, and that the disease will end when the economy bounces right back has been repeated so many times that it must be true.

This idea makes sense if you think of it this way: the economy is only going to bounce back after the virus is gone. After a massive economic collapse, people will start looking for other options, other ways to make their money (if they have any), and after they start doing these things, the economy will bounce right back.

The problem with this idea is that it doesn’t make sense on its own. We are not in a state of economic collapse. Unemployment is still hovering around record lows and consumer confidence is not so bad. Even if the virus does leave many people in dire situations, there are still lots of ways available to make money. The only people who suffer from this are those who have very little access to credit or bank accounts, or who are already wealthy and don’t want to suffer from the virus (which is not a valid reason, but that’s what we are all looking at). So this idea of making money seem to be a

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