Why I Don’t Think Red Bull Will Win a F1 Title

Christian Horner: Red Bull aren’t the favorites for F1 title

I’ve been trying to help in the last few years to explain why I don’t think Red Bull will win a F1 title. I’ve been trying to explain that when you make an entire team out of one single person and do everything they’ve done so far, they have very few chances of winning at this point.

I’ve been doing my best to talk to people about Red Bull and explain that they have a chance of winning the title, but they aren’t actually a championship team. For the championship team, you need all of the teams, drivers, aero, sponsors, team managers and many other people.

The team that won last year, Mercedes, for its only victory, was not a championship team, as it didn’t have a driver from another championship team on the second car. It only had Renault as the engine partner, while the Ferrari was behind the wheel of an uncompetitive Ferrari.

It was a team of specialists who had no intention to compete with Mercedes, but it did. That’s why I don’t think Red Bull will win the title, even though they obviously have the most experienced drivers and most talented engineers on the team.

And I can’t say that about Mercedes. They have no championship team, so they have to have a team of specialists that have nothing to do with previous champions. That’s why there are not very many champions in our sport.

Mercedes has been in the championship for two years, and they only had one car for only a few races. Red Bull has been in the championship for less than eight years, and the last three years they have been without a competitive car. Renault has been in the championship for less than three years, but they have had a competitive car in the last two years.

It’s really a sad situation when you start to consider the fact that with the exception of two teams that have won the championship two out of three years, and the teams that have won the constructors championship the last two years –

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