‘Midnights’ — Swift’s new song

You can thank this arthouse film for uniting Swift and Antonoff on ‘Midnights’ with their singing, as the movie does not even attempt to tell a story with a plot.

The two friends can be seen sitting on the porch of the big house, passing some time before coming up with their new song, ‘Midnights’. Swift has a big house in Malibu, where she lives with her husband and children, and she shares her space with Antonoff, who lives in a smaller home nearby.

When Swift asks her friend for her opinion on the new song, Antonoff reveals the story of how he was in the car crash that nearly killed him in 2006, killing his pregnant wife, in a scene that touches on the themes of masculinity, domesticity, and family.

‘Midnights’ is also a song about the loss of family members through death and being faced with the reality of surviving a catastrophic event, as Swift’s relationship with her mother, Debbie, is also addressed in the film.

In ‘Midnights’, Antonoff sings: “You say you need me / But you always left / You never gave me a chance / Never gave us a chance”. The song also references his mother, and his wife, Debbie, who was killed by a drunk driver in California in 2006.

‘Midnights’ was composed by Swift, with the lyrics being written by Antonoff.

Watch ‘Midnights’ in full HD below:

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