Serena Williams’s Breast Cancer Refused to Have Double Mastectomy

US Open: Serena Williams’ last hurrah at home grand slam headlines fascinating two weeks of tennis on the sidelines

When Serena Williams announced she was withdrawing from the Australian Open on Sunday, she gave no explanation nor did she offer any other hints as to why.

The 29-year-old American was widely applauded by the media and the fans who had rallied around her as her husband and father were being held hostage in Iran.

Even her husband, Alexis Ohanian, announced in a statement on his website that he was praying for her, and that he was now in a better place.

When a day later, Williams announced that she was withdrawing because she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, her explanation was a lot more detailed.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I informed my family, my doctors, the entire world, and I want to be completely transparent about what’s been going on,” Williams told reporters in Miami. “I was given six months to live.

“During the course of treatment, I had a bone marrow transplant which was a wonderful experience. Even though it didn’t work, it was a great experience and it was great to be there for my son’s life as he was diagnosed with autism.”

The following day, Williams was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, which she chose not to have a double mastectomy. This would have made the procedure more invasive and dangerous, and the decision could have had a long-term toll on Williams’ health.

In this latest chapter in the story of the mother of six, one can see the first hints of a possible return to competitive tennis.

If Williams was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2011 but refused to have her breasts removed, does that mean we will see an opportunity for Williams to return to compete again this year?

There have been a number of players in recent years, including Martina and Monica Seles, who had cancer after

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