The N.F.L. and College Football Have a Lot in Common

Dan Snyder ‘Needs to Be Removed,’ Says One N.F.L. Owner

ESPN’s Darren Rovell is no fan of the N.F.L., either. And he doesn’t think there’s much reason to be a fan of them, as the league’s only winningest coach, Sean McVay, is now the league’s only first overall draft pick.

Rovell wrote in his ESPN column, “When a team wins, those wins are not just for one season. They’re for an entire generation.”

Last season, the Rams and Chiefs won championships. But that’s the problem, as they were based in the division with the Rams and Chiefs respectively. When they didn’t win, fans of the other team didn’t feel slighted. And the fan base of the Chiefs and Rams were not offended by the NFL’s decision to move, but rather that the teams that won were not named the Rams or Chiefs.

It’s important to recognize that, in this era of parity, the N.F.L. and college football have a lot in common. While there are some differences, they both have their strengths and a need to grow.

A year ago, both the N.F.L. and college football fans had the same problem: the lack of consistency from one season to the next. Each team has great seasons, and the teams that don’t often fade away. But then again, college football is a more unpredictable thing. And that brings us to Sean McVay.

This season, we saw the Chiefs lose to the Browns in a nail-biter, and then lose to the Dolphins in a close playoff game. Then, they went on to win the Super Bowl, which means they got to stay home, because they were the winningest team in the N.F.L. to win nothing

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