Black Lives Matter: The Black Lives Matter Movement

Op-Ed: Black people are wrongly convicted more than any other group. We can prevent this from ever happening to another person or group of people. Read our Op-Ed below on “Exposing the Racial Disparities in Police Misconduct.”

Police brutality against Black people is a tragic reality in this nation.

I spent most of my career working in law enforcement. I was often the first person on the scene following a tragedy.

While the police are doing the best they can, we cannot rely solely on the police as a means to ensure safety. However, that doesn’t diminish the need for the police to protect lives, property, and individuals.

We have to recognize that there are systemic issues in this society that allow Black people to be targets of police violence.

In 2016, the Department of Justice released a report on police body cameras and racial disparities. They found that African Americans were less likely to have body cameras and were less likely to be recorded or video taped by the police than non-Black people. They also found that black people are more likely to have their voice taken and not be heard at all.

Black people are more likely to be pulled over while walking down the road, get shot by the police, or have their homes raided by the police.

We cannot trust police with our lives. We must rely on our communities.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been gaining momentum for many years. It grew out of the tragic deaths of black people and the lack of accountability and justice for those who cause great suffering, and even death, to our people and communities.

Black Lives Matter grew out of the Black Lives Matter protest protests in 2014. The protests began in Ferguson, Missouri. The police response was similar to their response to Black Lives Matter protests in 2014.

Black lives do not matter, and Black people matter not at all.

It was at this time that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited Ferguson and spoke to the people of Ferguson and the local African American leaders. They visited with the Ferguson Police Department, and they sat across the table from Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson.

During the meeting with the President, the President

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