The Coastal Commission is the most important entity in the state of California

California Coastal Commission OKs desalination plant in Orange County

The California Coastal Commission approved the design of the largest desalination plant in the world today in San Clemente. While the plant in the ocean is no doubt a beautiful sight, it provides no benefit to either the environment or local communities. The plant will require a 2,500 acre, $1 billion investment before it can be put into operation.

The San Simeon-based developer of the plant called the plant the most environmentally-friendly facility in the world.

The plant is needed to help provide clean water for the area.

We are told, however, this project would bring so much value to the local and state economies that it would be impossible to build without it.

I will give you the answer to the question that is on everyone’s mind: the future of the environment in Southern California in terms of desalination technology. I believe that the Coastal Commission is the most important entity representing local interests on the board.

The Coastal Commission, based in San Diego, was established to provide “a balanced and independent voice in the development of community resources, a vital part of the statewide land use planning process of our state.”

The Commission works on behalf of citizens on a variety of issues. Over the years, it has worked to strengthen rules that protect the environment and protect the environment from development.

In July, the Commission approved a design for the Ocean Desal Project near San Clemente, which is the largest plant being proposed in the nation.

In our view, it is more important to have a comprehensive plan for the future of Southern California. If the state of California cannot provide for the future of our region in terms of clean water, then how are we going to keep things from getting worse?

The project was opposed from the start. It was opposed for a number of reasons, from the obvious that it would destroy the natural beauty of the area to the very strong points of the opponents.

First, they say this plant takes money out of the pockets of taxpayers. But this is the Coastal Commission. It has a role in our economic development. We need water for commerce and industry. But we would like to see the economy grow in Southern California on its own.

The opponents said a plant would decrease the quality of Southern California water. But, as I will show soon, the

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