Trump Tapes: The closest book Donald Trump has come to having his life recounted in print

Bob Woodward releasing new audiobook ‘The Trump Tapes’ with eight hours of recorded interviews with family, friends and himself. Woodward is the man who exposed Watergate scandal-turned-presidential scandal

NEW YORK — More than a dozen books by and about Donald Trump have been released in the last several months, from his 2005 bestseller “Trump: The Art of the Deal” to his newest work, a book co-authored by Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter and titled “The Trump Tapes” or so he calls them.

It’s a book so explosive and explosive-sounding when it comes out that Woodward, the legendary author of “All the President’s Men,” might be the only person allowed to read it without being made to disappear by federal marshals.

It’s a book that has been edited and written by the president of the United States, who has been subjected to hundreds of hours of hours worth of interviews with his staff, his friends, other associates and, more than likely, those who think he is terrible, too.

In it, Trump is interviewed about his first meeting with Vladimir Putin during his trip to Russia in December 2013, about his thoughts about his son Donald Trump Jr.’s meetings with a Russian lawyer, about his alleged knowledge of illegal surveillance at the Trump Tower, about his feelings about the size of his inauguration crowds, Trump’s views on Israel and his apparent love of the Mexican “beautiful women” he has in his family.

In other words, “The Trump Tapes” is the closest Donald Trump is likely to come to having his life recounted in a Pulitzer Prize-winning magazine story from which he emerged unscathed.

The book is also the closest Trump comes to having his presidential aspirations exposed in print. What is it about that, after all, that makes the books by Woodward so shocking, so powerful, even if Woodward never writes any more about his book?

“I think I’m going to be a very good author because I have some great sources as a source,” Trump said during an interview Tuesday morning in his office at Trump Tower. “They’re all great people. A lot of them think they’re great people,” he added.

“I think I’m a pretty fair reporter. I think I’m a pretty fair human being,” Trump said.

The president’s interview with

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